Fiordland Activities the Locals Recommend

Things You Should Do in Fiordland & Fiordland National Park

There is much more to Fiordland than Milford Sound. As true locals we are passionate about promoting the many sensational Fiordland activities and Fiordland National Park attractions that many visitors miss out on… We’ve put together a list of things you should do in our part of the world.

In our humble opinion, far too many people’s experience of Fiordland is a day trip to Milford Sound from Queenstown. Its better than missing us out entirely but there is so much these people could be doing in the southwest corner of New Zealand …

Spend Some Time in Te Anau

So much to do! Come out with us on the Waiau. Walk along the lake or try a day walk on the Kepler. Join us and other operators for an Epic Fiordland Day of fishing, jetboating, helicopter sightseeing. hiking and a boat trip across the lake. Hire a bike and cover a bit more territory. See Ata Whenua at Fiordland Cinema. Do a Te Anau glow worm cave trip. Get a pie at the world-famous Miles Better Pies. Relax over a drink or some food at one of our many local bars and restaurants. Te Anau is not just a starting off point for Fiordland’s many attractions; it’s a place to spend some time.

Day Hikes

Fiordland boasts three of New Zealand’s ‘Great Walks’: the Milford, Kepler and Routeburn tracks. But we understand that not everyone has the time or stamina for multi-day hikes.

  • The Kepler Track is very near Te Anau and provides a great day walk option.
  • You need to drive a little further, across The Divide, to the start of Routeburn, but it too can be experienced on a day walk.
  • Even the Milford Track can be a day walk option but you will need to get a guide or a boat to reach either end of the track. (Check out our Exclusive Milford Track experience and Fiordland Water Taxi’s Milford Track Transport services.)

Beyond that day walk options are almost endless.

Visit Milford Sound

Milford Sound is iconic for a reason. You simply can’t visit Fiordland with cruising on New Zealand’s world famous fiord. (Don’t let the name mislead you, it is a fiord not a sound.) And you should seriously consider spending a night in Milford — there is so much to do along the Milford Road … Staying overnight gives you time to take it all in. A quick dash in for a cruise can be very rushed and puts you on your cruise at the busiest time of the day. See more on Milford Sound.

Visit Doubtful Sound

Doundtful Sound may be less well known than its more northerly brother fiord but that doesn’t mean it is any less worth a visit. There are all sorts of day and overnight trip options to consider. And dangling a rod over the sound’s water or diving it for crayfish (lobster) are essential experiences for anglers and divers. Spending a few days in Fiordland? You have to visit Doubtful.

Wondering how best to spend your time in Fiordland? Contact us: we love to help visitors enjoy their time here.