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Fish Jet is a Fiordland Outdoors Company experience. It’s another way for the Wallace family to share our genuine passion for Fiordland and all it has to offer with visitors. We’re mad about Fiordland fishing and love to help novice and experienced anglers share in the madness.

Mark Wallace & son fishing the Waiau RiverYour Fish Jet experience is based on our family’s long term relationship with the fish-filled and majestic Waiau River. Mark has been fishing the river for many years and our sons have both held rods over its dark green water since they were two.

Friends visiting from overseas prompted the development of Fish Jet when they said we should share the fun of fishing the Waiau with visitors to Fiordland.

Your Guides

Mark Wallace – Chief Guide

Calling Mark fishing mad may just be an understatement! He’s a fish nut — always has been, always will be.  True story: Mark went out and bought the fly rod of his dreams while Christine was in labour and couldn’t do anything about it!  He has many years experience as a commercial cray fisherman on the Fiordland coastline.  And more years chasing trout round Southland. A born and bred Southlander, Mark has lived in Te Anau for over 20 Years.  He loves a good yarn and has the knack of getting on with everyone he meets.

Ken – Guide

Ken is about as true a Te Anau local as you’ll find. Married to Pam with 5 children, he has lived in Te Anau for over 35 years.  He’s a quiet, unassuming guy until you take him fishing … Then look out!  Fishing is definitely Ken’s happy place and his enjoyment is contagious according to anyone he takes out on the river. A favourite with our trainee guides, Ken has a terrific way with kids and he really enjoys giving the young ones their first trout fishing experience.  Endlessly patient and always good value, Ken is a key part of the Fish Jet team and has been with us right from the start in 2013.

Morgan & Zane – Trainee Guides

Our trainee guides are 8 and 6 respectively.  Fishing mad, they get fairly grumpy when the boat gets towed away and they are not included … ‘Where are you going with our boat?’ These guys take their fishing seriously, and are learning about why releasing the fish is a good thing.  (A word from Mum: ‘We feel privileged and proud that we are able to give our children the type of upbringing that gets them out of doors regularly. We are working on fostering a love and respect for trout fishing.  No place for X-boxes or computer games in the fishing season in this house.’)

Christine Wallace – Chief Organising Officer

Mother to our trainee guides and married to Mark, Christine has lived in Te Anau for 20 years and is another born & bred Southlander.  When not carrying out Fiordland Outdoors Companies duties — marketing, ops manager, reservations, chief baker and lunch maker, sometime boat and truck cleaner — mother to 2 children and General Manager of Milford Sound Lodge.  When time allows, loves running and tramping – any opportunity to get into the great outdoors of Fiordland.

(L-R) Our commercial base on the corner of SH94 & Oraka Street, Te Anau / The Wallace family


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